Over 25 years of experience

I started with a background in graphic design back in 1993. Since that time, I have worked with many companies in and around Nottingham and throughout England. Also, for a few years I worked with the company Radcal in the US.

Back in 1993, the internet was in its infancy and as the trend for more reliance of company marketing transfered to the web, I took the decision to transfer my core design skills into offering website design within my work. Now, with over a decade of website design experience in terms of the technical knowledge, but perhaps more importantly what an effective website design needs to include, I am confidently able to offer one of the best value and effective website design services in the region.

I am a strong believer that creative people need to constantly look out for new trends and it does not take a great deal of looking to spot the impact that youtube and online promotional video is having both on the way people absorb themselves with such content, but also the power of that content to promote both company products and services.

My Online Promotional Video is therefore the latest adaptation of my service which is proving to be very effective as both a standalone tool, but when included as part of a website is extremely effective at raising both the profile of the company and very quickly expressing a message to the customer.

If you are a small to medium sized business or indeed someone who would like to start a business and may be interested in discussing your own requirements further, please give me a call to arrange a meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Tony Eley


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My graphic design service has a foundation of over twenty years of experience. A clear, simple message is key in today's busy and complex marketplace. I always embrace the challenge to find a solution to help Small Businesses be effective against their competition.


website design

Website design is a key part of my one-stop marketing solution, including the option for an online shop. My Self-Edit Websites are a unique solution for businesses that need a professional looking website, but want to be able to edit and maintain the website themselves.



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My Print Management service is both a chance to source local low cost print and also to combine print and my other promotional marketing services for a very effective marketing solution. Please give me a call to explain how this could help promote your business.


Eley Design Address: 7 Dawlish Close, Hucknall, Nottingham NG15 6NY



Affordable photography by Eley Design, based in Nottingham. I offer a range of photographic services from product photography, to images required to support production of my other services, such as brochures, websites or promotional video.


online promotional video

Eley Design offers web video production, based in Nottingham. I produce web video content for a wide range of clients. My video production rates are very affordable. Please phone to discuss any requirements outside the scope of my two video production packages.


NO Hidden Extras - Quoted Price is THE Price

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Over 25 Years experience to draw on

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